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KNEJPE FESTIVAL - North Atlantic theme

For centuries, the coasts of the North Atlantic have been a source of mu- sical exchange. The whalers brought dance tunes. Sailors from the whole region generated a mutual exchange of songs. The tunes became an integral part of local music, but today they play a very minor role in the musical history of the Nordic countries.

In the seminar, COASTAL MUSIC’S NORTH ATLANTIC VOYAGE, professionals from the North Atlantic region provided an insight into the coastal music of their countries.

The seminar was organised in association with the Danish National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) with support from the Nordic Culture Fund, Den Letterstedska Föreningen and the Municipality of Elsinore.

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Bára Grímsdóttir og Chris Foster (IS)

Two ancient Icelandic rímur (ballads) tell us the story of the ancient travel routes off the coasts of Iceland.

>> Video from the seminar

>> Video from a workshop with Kristine Heebøll and students

Before Western dance captivated Europe in the 19th century, creating new musical traditions across the North Atlantic, stories about whalers formed an important theme in ancient songs. Four speakers, each from his/her own national perspective, presented examples of this musical history:

Poul Ringsted (DK)

About the origin of the Greenlandic polka 'kalattuut' or 'vaigat'. 

>> Video from the seminar

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Jos Koning (NL) Musician and musicologist. 'Twee violen en een bas' has specialized in music from the Amsterdam nightlife between 1600 and 1850. Here the harsh life of the whalers was extensively described in songs.

>> Video from the seminar

>> Video from the concert

>> Video from a workshop with Göran Premberg and students 

Even though the Nordic countries have a strong maritime history, the coastal music seems to have been forgotten in the national, musical storytelling of the Scandinavian countries. Learn more about the reason for this here.

Foto: Ingolf Endresen

John Bæk (DK)

Musician and teacher at the dept. of folk music at the Academy of Music in Odense and Esbjerg presented a Danish perspective on the theme, from Fanø.

Unfortunately there is no video from John Bæk's lecture.

Much of the music presented in this seminar is related to dance music.

Mats Nilsson & Ingegerd Sigridsson (SE)

How does a dance researcher view the situation?

>> Video from the concert

accompagnied by Göran  Premberg and Pernilla Stendahl

Unfortunately there is no video from Mats Nilssons lecture.